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Edelweiss Riederalp AG
Liftweg, 1

CH-3987 Riederalp

Tel. Office: +41 (0)27 927 1656

VAT-No.: CHE-115.209.236 MWST


Subject to change

All information presented is subject to change. All prices in Swiss Francs.

Price changes as well as errors in the price and season or blanket time reserved.

Restaurant Edelweiss reserves the right to offer certain services exclusively to guests who book directly with Restaurant Edelweiss (loyalty discount, etc.).



The content of this website is protected by copyright. The provision of content and images from this website on other websites is permitted only with the express permission of the editors. The information contained on this website is created to the best of our knowledge and checked with great care for accuracy. Nevertheless, content and factual errors can not be completely ruled out. Restaurant Edelweiss assumes no guarantee or liability for the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the information provided. All information is provided without warranty.



The service provider assumes no responsibility for the information provided. Liability claims of any kind due to the contents are excluded. Likewise, no liability is assumed for external links. The content of the linked pages are the sole responsibility of their operators.

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